Monday, 24 July 2017

Summer or Autumn?

It's hard to tell today what season we are in but it definitely doesn't feel like summer.

The sky is grey and its definitely a cool chill emanating through my French doors. 
Usually at this time of year my crochet takes a back seat because I don't like handling wool in hot weather. Especially a blanket.  Who wants that over their legs in the screaming hot sunshine?
But no,  this summer has given me enough cooler days so that I've been able to plough on and make great headway into the ripple blanket for my mum's birthday in October.  I'd started early thinking I would have to lay it to one side but no. ...I've managed to nearly finish it. ..Just my feet to hide up.  

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Time flying

It doesn't seem so long ago that thing2 started school and I was left with some peace and quiet during the day but all of a sudden time is slipping out through my fingers and its nearly time for him to leave. One more year.

Last weekend we reached a monumental moment in life when we visited Birmingham university and this weekend Loughborough.  650 miles covered along the road to thing 2 starting out on his own path. 

With his brother year's study leave in Canada 9 months from end of August, this next year will be a very emotional ride and not one I'm particularly looking forward to. 

As excited and happy as I am for them,  a big part of my life is slipping away and times are changing.

I guess after all this there will be more time for crochet and on that theme I have started a lap blanket in ripple effect for my mum's birthday in October.  
Pictures posted of progress to follow

Happy Sunday everyone and cuddle those children lots x

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Canoe crazy day

Sunday saw thing 2 and I head off to our paddlesport club.  The day was sunny,  we were spending the day with lovely people,  going out on the river. ...what could be more perfect?

Ah yes. ..thing2 has just reminded me. ...we also had a bbq. Thing 2 loves his food. ...especially a bbq.

We took two Canadian canoes out and paddled quite a way. ..too far really.  You know that moment you realise you've still got to get back. ..eek

Thankfully another one of our group was coming back down the river in their speed boat.  Although not too speedy as we managed to grab onto either side and it towed both canoes back home.  Now that was a good idea! 

Blooming Marvellous

So many colours are unfurling themselves in my garden. So Beautiful.
I don't have enough space to really get into gardening but love filling pots eachv spring with plants whose names trip off the tongue,  like some foreign language.  I have no idea what they are and what they will look like when they bloom so every spring /summer is like an invasion in technicolour beautifulness.

But the best thing is watching the bees,  busying and buzzing around,  collecting the nectar as they go.  I love doing my bit for the bee population.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Just a quick one

Thought I would just nip in and share something I've been working on since i finished the hexagon blanket.
I had a square red coffee table from Ikea which just looked a bit boring so decided to cover it.
I love the outcome even if I had no idea what it was gong to look like when I started.  I just made it up as I went along.

Well I've got to go, take thing 2 to sixth form and then a heavy day of clients.
Happy Wednesday. ..and yey it's the middle of the week 😊